Embarking on a CRM project can be a daunting prospect - you are often investing in a completely new system and putting your trust in your chosen vendor without any guarantee of a successfull outcome or the ROI that you'd hoped for?

But what if we could take that risk away from you by offering you a fixed price for your CRM implementation and guaranteeing a successful outcome?

At Workbooks, we have turned CRM investment on its head, with a new approach that guarantees success.

With the Workbooks Shared Success program, we set a fixed price for your CRM project and promise to deliver against a set of agreed objectives. You pay 50% upfront and then you only pay the remainder once we have delivered the agreed outcome.

The Shared Success model is about both organisations sharing a common vision for your project outcome and sharing the risk and rewards of delivering that goal. We only get paid if the project is successful, therefore we will only move ahead with you in this program if we feel certain we can guarantee the results.

Download our eGuide 'Shared Success - Guaranteed Results' to find out more.

Get online CRM without the risks with Workbooks